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This image is Grant (the artist) and his amazing piece "Lady in the Skelton dress"

Meet the Artist

Grant McFarlane lives in the beautiful coastal town of Rainbow Beach, Queensland.

His inspiration for his artwork has been life long, from the beautiful beaches where he lives to the rugged southern coast where he spent much time exploring above and under the water.

He has spent many years of travelling to remote places around Australia and enjoying the natural beauty of the vast inland deserts to the ever changing coastline which inspires his artwork.

These days he spends as much time as possible paddling the waters between Fraser Island and Noosa from the Ocean to the inland waterways and is still exploring.


His true to size and scale artwork wouldn't be possible without his extensive knowledge of the ocean, its creatures and the dedication and research that goes into each piece.

 He has a very strong connection to the ocean.

AS a licenced builder, Grant has been working with wood and metals for nearly 40 years.

 He thoroughly enjoys the natural beauty and character of timber and how each piece is unique.

He also enjoys the challenges of using different metals and the effects it can have on the definition of the work.

His experience as a builder comes into all aspects of his artworks including the architecture, engineering​ and construction.


When a piece is made it is built to last, using the best methods possible.


His wooden fish and bush inspired creations are all produced from only Australian timbers that are well seasoned and environmentally sourced.

Grant's designs let the natural grains and aging of the wood become the star of each work. Often contemporary materials, such as recycled and found objects, are incorporated in his works, creating juxtapositions between new and old.


Previously, Grant has produced custom designs incorporating many different materials. Before creating any commission work the client is contacted and much time is spent on working out what they envisage while still maintaining an artistic licence.

Grant McFarlane stand up paddle board surfing
Grant stand up paddle boarding fishing.

What Clients Are Saying

So much love for this Whale, and the thoughts behind the creativeness for him. So many special little touches on the whale and also the thoughts behind, which to me are the most special. Every time I look at him I see those little thing in him. I love and appreciate this Whale more than you will ever know. I will treasure this piece of Art for the rest of my life! We are Eternally grateful to you both Grant & Kathy​


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